Collection Refinement

The Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum holds an extensive collection of locomotives, rolling stock and passenger coaches. Some of these pieces are consistent with era of steam railroading while others are not, others are redundant to the collection or are in poor condition. As part of our long-term planning, we have determined to focus our collection on those pieces and objects that best allow us to further our mission. Additionally, we want to make sure that we are always capable of appropriately housing and caring for our entire collection. As a result, the Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum will occasionally refine our collection through the addition of new objects and through making others available for purchase. Funds realized from the sale of objects are used for the ongoing care and development of our collection.

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Currently Available:

Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum has determined that the following diesel locomotives are surplus for AOSRM needs. 


EMD SW1200's No.1202 (1954) and No.1205 (1955)


Horsepower: 1200
Engine: 567C
Main Generator: D15c
Aux Generator: 10KW
Traction Motors: D37
Kim Hot-Start standby heaters
Snowplows, both ends
Brake schedule: 6 BL
Batteries: Good ++
Car Body: Good condition
Paint: Good condition
Trucks: AAR type
Wheels: Fair
Currently stored serviceable