Our Team

Timothy J. Sposato started in the railroad industry after high school, and has worked for several railroads and steam operations before hiring-on 1988 when the OCRS steam program first began. Tim is the Chief Mechanical Officer for AoS, and is FRA- certified as a diesel/steam locomotive engineer, fireman and conductor.

IMG_1461--13 Goslin painting firebox--resized

Bill Goslin began his railroading career in 1971 with the Ohio Railway Museum helping out with the Norfolk & Western 4-6-2 No.578 and has been involved in the steam railroading field ever since. Bill was active with Steamtown throughout the 1970s and 1980s and assisted with the collection’s relocation to Scranton, Penna. During the early 1980s he worked with Jerry Jacobson on the restoration of a locomotive and returned to work with Jerry in the late 1990s. From 2014 to the present Bill is employed at the Roundhouse as mechanic as well as working as a tour guide for our Roundhouse tours.

Bill Hanslik started as a volunteer with Jerry Jacobson’s Ohio Central Railroad steam program in 2004, eventually hiring-on at Age of Steam in 2014. In addition to performing locomotive and equipment repairs, Bill conducts extensive research to faithfully repaint and letter locomotives freight cars, and other parts of the collection. At the time of this writing, Bill has lettered more than 20 pieces of Age of Steam’s railroad equipment collection and replicated numerous vintage signs for use at the facility.

Greg R. Miller hired-on with the Ohio Central Railroad System in 2001 as a maintenance-of-way employee where he operated many types of on-rail track equipment for the replacement of rails and ties. Greg was instrumental in the construction and maintenance of the rail yard, turntable trackage and turnouts here at AoS, and works as a mechanic for our rail equipment repairs.

Felix the Roundhouse Cat arrived at Age of Steam in 2015. Felix can typically be found supervising work while perched on our Chief Mechanical Officer’s desk, and occasionally dabbles in mouse prevention. He recently got his paws on an Instagram account at @aosfelix and Twitter account at @RoundhouseFelix