Volunteer News—April 24, 2020

Good morning everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well (aside from feeling a little stir-crazy!).

Just reaching out this week to let you know that we are still waiting on the Ohio Department of Health and the Governor’s Office to release information on what businesses will be able to reopen after the May 1st date and what will be required of those businesses in terms of safety for their staff, volunteers and visitors.

This week I have been meeting and speaking with Tim and JR about what steps we will need to take to make sure that, when we do return to work, it will be as safe as we can possibly make it. I believe the plan that we have in place is a sound one and I am confident in our ability to continue some of our operations after we can reopen. That said, it will require that all of us make every effort we can to keep one another safe by respecting social distancing, regular cleaning and disinfecting of our work areas and shared spaces and tools and making subtle changes to the way we structure our work day. JR and Tim continue to work on procuring the difficult to acquire supplies we will need to stay safe.

If you are uncomfortable returning to work due to concerns about your own personal safety, please know that we will work with you to find a solution. Our team, our people, are our most valuable and important asset and we are committed to keeping you safe and healthy during this difficult period.

We are continuing to work on how we will structure and organize our tour experience once we are permitted to open to the public. Things will not, and cannot, be done the same way they have been done in the past. We will have to adapt and innovate and I know that we will. We will continue to fulfill our mission in new ways and will share Jerry and Laura’s vision for the Roundhouse for years to come.

Please keep yourselves, your family, your neighbors and community safe and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Take care,


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