Volunteer News— March 31, 2020

Good morning,

I hope this finds you, your families, friends, neighbors and communities healthy and well.

I wanted to update you on some items related to the current COVID situation. Firstly, and given the uncertainty of when we will be able to return to “business as usual”, we have paused our online ticket sales. This is principally an administrative move designed to lessen the number of potential refunds we may have to give if we cannot offer our full tour slate in May and June. It is looking very likely that the state will extend the “stay at home” order until the first of May, with “social distancing” restrictions potentially lasting even longer.

We are addressing how to continue to fulfill our educational mission given these likely events. This month we will be investing in a software that allows us to offer free and fee-based online presentations. Our plan is to develop a mixture of programs that we can offer via this platform. I have used this platform in the past while with the NAWCC and it is a simple and effective means of delivering educational and entertaining content. Additionally, we will be acquiring the hardware needed to develop 360-degree virtual images and video that will enhance what we can offer on the above platform as well as across our website and social media. It may be mid-May or early June before we have this in place. This investment, while modest, will be useful in the current environment but also for years to come.

I want to applaud everyone on the staff for stepping up and providing ideas for what we can do moving forward and for being supportive of our efforts. I also want to thank the Board of Directors for their support of the entire staff. I have been heading to my office once or twice a week for a few hours at a time to return phone calls, gather paperwork needed and to make myself available in person to staff if needed. Most of my communication with staff has been via text, phone or email. I think everyone is doing a great job of communicating during this.

Again, thank you for your support. Please take care of yourselves and we will all see each other again soon!

All the best,


Mr. Noel B. Poirier

Executive Director

Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum


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